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杭海明教授:Ambivalence and irresponsibility: Implications for the insurance value of a reputation for corporate social responsibility

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Ambivalence and irresponsibility: Implications for the insurance value of a reputation for corporate social responsibility








By adopting a micro-approach, our research provides direct causal evidence about why (or why not) a firm’s strong prior reputation for corporate social responsibility (CSR) can mitigate the reputation losses associated with a corporate social irresponsibility (CSI) event. To achieve this, we focus on the role of ambivalence in individuals’ processing of conflict information. Based on the contradictory results in extant literature, we develop and test competing hypotheses about how individuals use their judgments of the severity of a CSI incident to cope with their ambivalence. Our social media study with 1.1 million tweets and two laboratory experiments with 560 participants jointly suggest, in the wake of a CSI event, individuals experience stronger ambivalence towards a firm with a strong prior CSR reputation than other firms. Our results further suggest individuals experiencing stronger ambivalence judge the CSI event to be more severe. As a result, a firm with a strong prior CSR reputation suffers more reputation loss than other firms. Thus, a good CSR reputation is not an asset but a liability in the wake of a CSI event. These results have important implications for both reputation and CSR literature.




Dr Haiming Hang is a Full Professor in Marketing and Subject Group Lead, Marketing at the University of Bath in England. He is an Associate Editor for International Journal of Consumer Studies and sits on the editorial review board of Journal of Digital Economy edited by Tsinghua University, China.  board His main research areas are the interplay of feeling and thinking, the nonconscious and embodied nature of cognition and their implications for consumer behaviour and advertising effectiveness. His recent project focuses on children’s response to new advertising techniques (e.g. product placement, advergames) that has been published in Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Advertising Research, Advances in Consumer Research and International Journal of Advertising. His research has been reported in 53 different media (e.g., BBC, China Daily), reaching 4 million people worldwide.

Before Bath, he worked for Henley Business School at the University of Reading as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing. He also spent several years working as a marketing professional for Coca-Cola and 3M.


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