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Stata公司计量经济学家Di Liu讲座通知

发布者:经济学系     时间:2023-08-17     阅读次数:1512

报告题目:Heterogeneous difference in differences in Stata





报告摘要:We are interested in obtaining causal answers to our research questions. We want the effect of a treatment on an outcome. When studying causal questions with repeated cross-sections or panel data, it is common for treatment timing to differ across groups. When this occurs, treatment effects may be heterogeneous across groups and time. Failing to account for effect heterogeneity will lead to inconsistent estimates. We show how to use heterogeneous difference in differences to estimate, visualize, infer, and aggregate heterogeneous treatment effects.


主讲人简介:Di Liu is a principal econometrician in the econometric development team at Stata. Di is fascinated by writing statistical software for researchers and doing research in both theoretical and applied econometrics. He is the primary developer of Stata features including heterogeneous difference-in-differences , lasso for prediction, lasso for inference, spatial autoregressive models, heckpoisson, and betareg. He also published research articles in Econometrics Reviews, Econometrics and Statistics, Canadian journal of economics, Empirical economics, and the Stata journal. Di has a PhD degree in economics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada; an engineer's degree in software engineering and statistics from Polytech'Lille in Lille, France; and master's and bachelor's degrees in computer science from Hohai University in Nanjing, China.


刘迪是Stata公司的计量经济学家,擅长为理论和实证研究开发统计软件。他是Stata公司在有差别差分、Lasso预测、lasso统计区间、空间自回归模型、heckpoisson以及betareg方面的主要开发者。他的研究成果发表于Econometrics Reviews, Econometrics and Statistics, Canadian journal of economics, Empirical economics, 以及 the Stata journal等期刊。他在加拿大Concordia University取得经济学博士学位,法国Polytech'Lille in Lille取得工程硕士学位,中国河海大学取得计算机硕士本本科学位。


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