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发布者:经济学系     时间:2023-09-01     阅读次数:1234

报告题目:Age Matters for Girls: School Entry Age and Female Graduate Education(入学年龄与女性研究生教育选择)

报告人:张琳(Kindai University)





张琳,2014年获日本大阪大学经济学博士,现为日本近畿大学(Kindai University)经济学部副教授,主要研究领域为应用经济学,教育经济学,发展经济学。论文发表在Economics of Education Review, China Economic Review, Journal of Family and Economic Issues等国际学术期刊上。作为负责人多次主持JSPS科研项目(国家级)。


Given the time constraints, women face divergent choices in their twenties and thirties. This study investigates the effect of age on women’s graduate education choices. Utilizing the exogenous variations in primary school entry age set by the Compulsory Education Law in China, this study adopts a double-difference strategy. Relative to those entering school at six years of age, a one-year delay in primary school enrollment caused by the birth month cut-off is associated with a significantly lower probability of graduate school enrollment for the women entering school at seven years of age. In contrast, such a finding is absent in the male population. Furthermore, suggestive evidence is provided showing that the marriage market and the labor market can explain the findings of this study. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of the Compulsory Education Law improves women' s graduate education investment in China.


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