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西澳大学Julie LEE 教授讲座通知

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Do people’s personal values influence their consumer behaviour in a meaningful way?


报告人:Julie LEE  Winthrop冠名教授  





Personal values, commonly thought of as guiding principles in life, are at the core of the human psyche. Despite this, personal values have often been found to have a relatively weak influence on behavior, especially on consumer behavior. This has been explained by any number of more proximal effects, especially those that are salient when a decision is being made (e.g., the influence of family or friends and competing situational goals). But, are there some people for whom values are strong enough to overcome proximal situational effects? In this talk, I will discuss the importance of values importance and how this insight can be used to look for significant patterns of value-behaviour relations across situations and time.



Julie Lee是西澳大学bwin必赢登录入口的Winthrop冠名营销学教授。她目前担任西澳大学bwin必赢登录入口研究与研究培训主任,并是“人文与文化价值研究中心”的创始主任。她主持的项目基金超过200万澳元。她的研究主要关注价值理论、测量,以及其在消费者行为和旅游上的应用,在心理学、市场营销和旅游等领域的主要期刊上发表了大量研究。除了学术研究,Lee教授与企业界也保持着紧密的合作,近年来她担任了Pureprofile和BCW数字科技企业的特聘顾问。在学术界和产业界,Lee教授都取得了显著的成就,并为其所在领域做出了重要贡献。


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