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发布者:经济学系     时间:2024-06-05     阅读次数:274

报告题目:Recessions and the Labor Market Returns to Cognitive and Social Skills(经济衰退与认知和社交技能的劳动市场价值)

报告人:Sun Hyung Kim(上海大学)





Sun Hyung Kim 是上海大学悉尼工bwin必赢登录入口副教授。 她博士毕业于爱荷华大学, 主要研究劳动技能与社会经济因素之间的复杂关系,特别是劳动经济学在教育和卫生政策中的应用。论文发表于International Economic Review、Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization等权威期刊。


Although recessions negatively affect labor market outcomes, we find that individuals with greater cognitive skills have been less affected by recessions since 2000 compared to those in the 1980s and 1990s. This result occurs despite a decrease in the returns to cognitive skills over the last few decades, on average. We argue that changes in the provision of employer-paid training can help explain the relative return to cognitive skills during recent recessions due to lower training costs and enhanced labor productivity. Consistent with this, we find that firms provide more training to workers with higher cognitive skills during post-2000 recessions.


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