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发布者:经济学系     时间:2024-07-05     阅读次数:378

报告题目:Human (In)Compliance to Extortions: Algorithm Awareness Matters(人类对压榨的(不)服从:算法觉知的影响)






郑捷,山东大学经济研究院教授、博士生导师,山东大学理论与实验经济学研究中心(CREATE)主任,山东大学特聘教授。清华大学经济学学士、硕士,美国华盛顿大学经济学硕士、博士。国际学术期刊Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization副主编、Research in Economics副主编,担任多份SSCI/SCI期刊客座主编。研究领域包括信息经济学、实验经济学、行为经济学、产业经济学,主持过多项国家自然科学基金项目(结题获“特优“评价),并多次在学术会议上做主旨演讲与专题报告。研究工作发表于《经济研究》、American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings)、Games and Economic Behavior、Management Science、Nature Communications等国内外经济学、管理学、自然科学各领域的知名期刊。担任中国信息经济学会理事会常务理事、中国运筹学会博弈论分会常务理事、中国行为与实验经济学论坛联合秘书长、中国微观经济理论论坛学术委员会委员、中国经济学年会微观理论与行为经济专业委员会委员、国际行为经济学促进学会理事等学术职务。



When confronting extortions or oppression, human may take actions to struggle against exploitation even at very high costs, eg. Spartacus Rebellion and workers organizing protests to demand better pay and benefits. Does such incompliance persist when the extortions are implemented by algorithms? This study uses an economic experiment to examine the behavioral responses of human subjects when confronted with an opponent employing an extortionate Zero-Determinant (ZD) strategy, either informed (under I condition) or uninformed (under U condition) that their opponent is an algorithm-based computer. The findings reveal a significant divergence in human behavior depending on their awareness of the opponent's algorithmic nature. In treatments with U condition, subjects demonstrated a propensity of incompliance, even at the expense of their own payoff. Conversely, in treatments with I condition, their rate of cooperation—and thus compliance—increased markedly. Further investigation into the relative income status (advantage, parity, or disadvantage) of human subjects vis-à-vis their opponents across various treatments suggested a nuanced impact of algorithm awareness on incompliance behavior. Subjects displayed a pronounced concern for their relative income status over their absolute income under U condition. However, this preoccupation with relative income status was supplanted by the pursuit of absolute payoff when exposed to I condition. This study provides insights into the influence of algorithm awareness on human economic behavior.


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